domingo, 6 de julho de 2008

Local Yellow pages!

We are always trying to find something, a company to take care of a party, or a plumber to fix some problem, occurred at home, or even a local restaurant to delivery a late hour meal.

Some times there is very difficult to find what you need close to you, and you go to directory books, online yellow pages sites, but there are a lot of these web pages and the results aren’t always the best!

But now for United States residents, or for people visiting United States, there is a Local search engine that can help people to find what they really are looking for, or that they really need!

This site, is, and they say that they are a hybrid of 4 other sites,,, and, they have a partnership with

When you to find something, go to, and you know that the results are the contest of the other four sites, with accurate directions on how to arrive there, business hours and other relevant information.

For a local search, use your local yellow pages, at!

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