sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

Future Steel Building Blog

One of the most important companies in Steel Building and a leader in the business of Steel constructions like garages, workshops, barns and other agricultural buildings, hangars, storage and sheds, and carports, is coming closer to their clients online.

They have started a blog, so they can listen to the client opinion and exchange experiences online. The blog’s name is Future Steel Buildings Blog and you can find future Building stories, Interesting stuff, DIY Tips and Mishaps.

The blog is not only a marketing tool, it is a real way of be in close contact with Future Steel costumers, people who wants to speak about the products they bought!

Having a Future Steel product means that you will have a product that will last at least for 30 years, they are so confident that these steel constructions are build to last that they give a 30 years Warranty!

Go to Future Steel Building Blog and you will see for yourself some stories and experiences from costumers that have one of their products like the one that talks about the wine cellaring cave with the perfect conditions for wine conservation!

But you will see much more at Future Steel Building Blog!

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The style of Steel building construction is based on the space requirements. A building permit is essential to start the construction.