terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2008

Making money clicking ads

Dear friends, there are a lot of click ads programs on the net, a great part of them are pure scam, you click and click on the ads, accumulate money on your account and nothing appens!

Well this is true for the most part of them, but not for Clix Sense!

At Clix Sense, you clik and earn real money, once you have the minimum of 10 USD they send a check to your address!

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quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2008

Look of the year its an international beauty contest who looks for young people who wants to have a model career .

Its a contest that runs all over the world, and the winners can get a 10.000 USD prize or can be spotted by an agency and start a international career as a model and work in Paris, Milan or New York.

To be the next top model, you have to send your best pictures to the Look of the Year and then be selected as the new beautiful model.

See te rules and more information at Lookoftheyear.com and be the next young beautiful winner of Look of the year contest.


Make money

Its very easy now for bloggers who want to monetize their blogs, and make money on the Web, to choosesome very good oportunities.

One of these oportunities its Bloggerwave.com, this site its aiming to be the biggest online advertising media of Europe, and its growing with new bloggers every day.

Making money while writing about things that you like its possible with Bloggerwave, you just have to sign in to a free account, and start taking Jobs. Its easy and you can make some extra cash writing about or reviewing other sites.

As more bloggers join Bloggerwave, more advertisers will ask for new posts and new ads.

Just take a look at Bloggerwave.com and see for yourself.