quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Holydays in Dubai

The warm weather is coming, and holydays are around the corner, that means that in less than two months people will start to travel in tourism. It is time to start forgetting the crisis and have a positive position.

If we don’t start to get out of the depression, the economy will not get better, so lets go!

One way to forget this economic depression that is to travel and to discover new places in the world, places with glamour, but also modern and luxurious.

Dubai is one of those places, where modern and luxurious hotels are waiting for your visit. Everybody deserves to receive a special treatment and Holidays in Dubai are for sure very special.

We can always dream with the call from the desert and have all the luxury that you will expect in the best hotels of the world. At Dubai you can find top quality hotels for every purse. People without money problems can stay at the seven stars hotels of Dubai, and experiment the unique sensation of the extreme luxury.

But there are other Hotels and Resorts waiting for visitors who want the spend quiet and safe Dubai Holydays.

The clear waters of the see combined with the great air quality and the silent of the resorts are perfect for people who want to rest and take advantage of the unique Dubai conditions.

To take Holydays in Dubai is a way of being near to the most exquisite luxury in the world and to have contact with a very different civilization that we are use to.

At this ancient part of the world we can see together a modern country with some of the best structures to receive tourists with some marvellous of the engineering and architecture.

To know some more about the travel and accommodation visit Holydays Dubai and you will find all the information that you need!

quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2009

Marketing tools

In a year of crisis, companies tend to cut back on expenses, and generally the first expenses are the ones dedicated to marketing and advertising.

In my modest opinion, this is a huge mistake, consumers tend to think that a company that is cutting back on marketing is in financial trouble and struggling for survival, and the first impulse is to buy products from competitors.

One way to appear and show the vitality of one company is to participate in fairs and exhibitions or trade shows. For that a company needs to find the best trade show displays that can find on the market.

And if you are organizing a major event like a concert to promote your company you will need also display truss to use on the stage to your lights and performances shows.

Other low budget way of been seen is to have your logo displayed on logo floor mats, do you imagine the impact that this have on your clients? You have your own logo all over your company, instead of some grey and poor mats.

So, as you can see there is possible to have several ideas for your marketing strategy without spending an he budget, you just need to look for the exhibit booths from Camel Displays

segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009

T shirts

Marketing and merchandising are two activities that come together and these tools are very important to publicize your company or your products or just as a message older.

One of the most important tools of merchandising is the printed T-Shirt. T-shirt printing is an affordable way to have you logo walking around the streets almost for free, everyone like to receive a T-shirt has a bonus when buying a product or just as a gift.

If you have artwork or a logo you can try to design your T-shirt printing online and see the results instantly, and the best of this you can change the colours of your t-shirt. And you can see what are the right colours, that suits your message,

At E T-shirt printing you will find all of that, they have two methods to produce your t-Shirts, by screen printing or if you want something different you can opt by embroidery t-shirts.

Embroidery t-shirts are produced on computerized sewing machines that reproduce your digitized artwork on garments. On this case the final price is made according to the number of stitches that your artwork or logo need to be filled up, this method is cost effective for more than twelve t-shirts.

Embroidery or printed T-shirts are both great marketing tools, don’t forget that they will be everywhere and you don’t need to pay more for that!

sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2009

Fancy dresses

We are now in springtime, and it is time to party, all kinds of parties. Personally I like a lot of custom parties and theme parties.

Custom parties are the kind of parties where everybody dresses the custom that they want, there is people who always wanted to be a clown, then they choose a fancy dress clown, some wanted to be super heroes or police man.

But theme parties are more exclusive, they have a specific theme like the Renaissance where every man want to dresses like a King and all women are dames. Or a vampire party, with Dracula customs or bat dresses.

At Fancy Dresses, people who want to party always find a fancy dress suitable for playing all night long!

fancy dress

Sobreiro - Mafra - At the typical Jose Franco's small village there is a tile designed by Zelia Amado, the wife of Jorge Amado, with the names of the tow couples of friends the Portuguese Helena and Jose Franco, and the Brazilian Zélia and Jorge Amado.
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quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2009

Visit Portugal

Travelling is a very good way of improve ones culture and widening up the views! Europe is a great continent to visit, and the best way is starting an European by the Western country, where the land begins, Portugal!

Portugal is a very ancient and full of History country, a cross road of civilizations, the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Greeks, the Celts and other great civilizations had pass and let some of their heritage and mark in this beautiful country.

Take Portugal Vacations and you will see live, an ancient History class, just by visiting some of the most ancient monuments in Europe.

From North to South you will find motifs for great Portugal family vacations, if you like wilderness you have beautiful natural parks, with waterfalls, rock climbing, bird watching and much more. But if you are looking for sun and beach, there are astonishing beaches with blue and green waters and white sands that will make you dream.

But there is more, much more to choose on this small but rich country, if you are fan of sports, you have golf and tennis camps, or you can assist to car racings at the new Algarve circuit.

Surf lovers will also find some of the best waves in Europe.

To know more about all you can do at this beautiful country, contact a Portugal Tour Operator and you will get all the information to have dream vacations, on the Western Country in Europe!

domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Villa's Palace at Sintra, one of the most visited monuments of this World Heritage village. Located almost 30 kilometers from Lisbon, Sintra is one of the most beautiful villages of Portugal with the romantic image that was writen by poets like Lord Byronm who lived there.
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Rustic Furniture

I have a house in the country, a small and old house, with some wood and stone decoration on the walls and ceiling. To finish decoration I was searching for some furniture suitable for this type of architecture.

The type is very rustic and country style, so the furniture needs to be the same kind in order to maintain some identity for the whole property.

Rustic furniture is the right type of furniture that will be perfect for the hone decoration, by creating a great old atmosphere with the scent and look of the wood.

The touch of the wood is one of the reasons to also choose rustic furniture for my house, feeling the veins of the wood and the smooth touch of the wood surfaces are some of my favourites things on this furniture.

terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

Peach flower
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Virtual Stock Porfolio

Every day we hear on the economic news talking about stock market, stocks, edge funds you name it. As you all know each single day there are fortunes to be make, but for those without the right skills there are also fortunes to be loose, just for betting on the wrong options.

But now people who want to be a big player on the stock market can do it without loosing a single cent, with UMOO you can build your virtual stock portfolio and learn all the trade secrets!

And when you feel confident enough than you can start to bet with real money!

UMOO is an online game who simulate the stock market where people can play for real in a virtual world, it is a fun way to start learning all about stock market an the associated products!

virtual stock portfolio

sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2009

Home decoration tips

When decorating a home there are a few important items that should ever be remembered and seen with special attention.

The first one is the colour of the paint wall and the use of paints in the wall and ceiling, for instance dark colours in the ceiling will make the room smaller while bright colours will make them higher. The same at the walls, sometimes different colours on the walls will create different and sensations of dimension for the rooms.

The second one, and perhaps the most important is the lighting, the wrong use of light fixtures can ruin the perfect house decoration.

The house decorations should be seen has a full body and everything must be on this right place, so it is important to search and to plan where the lights will be placed and the type of light fixtures to be chosen.

In larger rooms you van have wall fixtures combined with ceiling light fixtures, in a games room, you can have a combination of light fixture with ceiling fan and have a good and fresh environment with central lights.

If you are making a new decoration or just remodelling your home, it is time for making a good lighting plan and choose the perfect light fixtures.

Fashion for busy people

Following the last trends in fashion for someone with a busy life can be very difficult, to keep up and to know what had come out in every season can be stressful.

Shopping is a kind of activity that every woman likes, and trying new clothes or choosing new accessories to compose an outfit to look well at the office or to go out at night is very important.

But not only woman need to be up dated and look sharp on the day to day life, men also need to keep up with the latest fashion and know what to wear a new tie, some fashion and comfortable shoes even jewellery and watches.

And the best way to keep up with the latest fashion trends is to get informed and learn how to combine a dress with a stylish jacket, or to know what colour are in and out.

If you are a busy person and don’t have time to do window shopping, you must informed online about fashion.

Strolling down the avenue!

With the warm weather that it is starting now, it feels good to get out and feel the sun on the skin.

It is really good to get out and walk around, but imagine people with small kids going out with something to help them!

In a mater of time the weight will became huge, and a small kid with a few pounds weight will seem to be much heavier and weight a few tonnes! To help families with small kids enjoying this really nice weather there are strollers to all occasions, and very different, like the ones that you can use with your bike for a really good outdoor fun.

And for car travels, there is something that it is essential for taking you child with safety, you need a good car seat.

Having kids implies that when going out they appear nice, so you have to choose the right clothes for your boy or girl and to keep you child busy and entertained how about some games?

quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

Holomodor or Golomodor

I have found a site called Holodomor truth, and it’s a source of information about Golomodor that happen in 1932 to 1933 in the former Soviet Union.

Golomodor is the word for mass hunger or great hunger and it caused the death of million of soviet victims during these two years.

There is some dispute and discussion on Ukraine where the people in charge tried to compare Golomodor to Holocaust, changing its name to Holomodor in a direct comparison with the drama occurred at World War II.

Looking to the number of death, estimated between six to eight million, it is normal to compare with World War II and the eight million of death in concentration camps and in battle.

What do you thin about this discussion? Holomodor or Golomodor, the truth is that for the people who died on those years and for the families brooked by this drama, there is no turn back.

Golomodor, or this mass hunger occurred and affected former Soviet Union Republics of the North Caucasus and Volga region, the South Urals, West Siberia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and it is believed that appear due Stalin policies of exporting grains to the west.

The major number of death occurred in Central Russia with two million of people, but all the former republics that I have told you earlier had a great number of families affected by Holomodor or Golomodor!


Grafittis, is this street art or not?
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