sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2009

Home decoration tips

When decorating a home there are a few important items that should ever be remembered and seen with special attention.

The first one is the colour of the paint wall and the use of paints in the wall and ceiling, for instance dark colours in the ceiling will make the room smaller while bright colours will make them higher. The same at the walls, sometimes different colours on the walls will create different and sensations of dimension for the rooms.

The second one, and perhaps the most important is the lighting, the wrong use of light fixtures can ruin the perfect house decoration.

The house decorations should be seen has a full body and everything must be on this right place, so it is important to search and to plan where the lights will be placed and the type of light fixtures to be chosen.

In larger rooms you van have wall fixtures combined with ceiling light fixtures, in a games room, you can have a combination of light fixture with ceiling fan and have a good and fresh environment with central lights.

If you are making a new decoration or just remodelling your home, it is time for making a good lighting plan and choose the perfect light fixtures.

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