segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009

T shirts

Marketing and merchandising are two activities that come together and these tools are very important to publicize your company or your products or just as a message older.

One of the most important tools of merchandising is the printed T-Shirt. T-shirt printing is an affordable way to have you logo walking around the streets almost for free, everyone like to receive a T-shirt has a bonus when buying a product or just as a gift.

If you have artwork or a logo you can try to design your T-shirt printing online and see the results instantly, and the best of this you can change the colours of your t-shirt. And you can see what are the right colours, that suits your message,

At E T-shirt printing you will find all of that, they have two methods to produce your t-Shirts, by screen printing or if you want something different you can opt by embroidery t-shirts.

Embroidery t-shirts are produced on computerized sewing machines that reproduce your digitized artwork on garments. On this case the final price is made according to the number of stitches that your artwork or logo need to be filled up, this method is cost effective for more than twelve t-shirts.

Embroidery or printed T-shirts are both great marketing tools, don’t forget that they will be everywhere and you don’t need to pay more for that!

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