segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2007

Transport to London Airports

One of the things I like it in London its the transportation system from the airports to the center of London and to near the main hotels in the city.

There are fast transports by train from and to London, the faster transports take about 15 minutes journey by train from or to Paddington station, its the Heathrow Express at a interval of 15 minutes, it is a quality transport, very modern, fast and confortable, it costs £15.50.

The cheapest transport its the Piccadilly Line to central London, it takes about 50 minutes and it cost about £3.50 for a Oyster Card or £4 for a paper ticket.

But ones can always take a combined of Train and Taxi, Its the Heathrow Express till Paddington and a taxi to final destination and the total costs can vary from £45 to £60.

The main thing its that having a trip to Heathrow Hotels, Gatwick Hotels, London Airport hotels or Stansted Hotels there are several kinds of transportation for each one of them from train to Buses or subway.

sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2007

Making Money Online

I have been searching for a way of making money online with a blog!

I find a lot of ways to make money, advertising, pay per click, pay per post, and answering online surveys.

There are millions of honest ways of making money, but there are a lot of scams on the internet specially those who ask for money to start earning money online.

They promise hundreds of thousands of dollars each day, or each month, working at home, but at the bottom, if you want to make money you will be part of the same scam, and try to pass tho others the same.

The best way of making money online is to have a site and sell something different or have a huge number of people clicking at the ads of your page.