quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2009

Marketing tools

In a year of crisis, companies tend to cut back on expenses, and generally the first expenses are the ones dedicated to marketing and advertising.

In my modest opinion, this is a huge mistake, consumers tend to think that a company that is cutting back on marketing is in financial trouble and struggling for survival, and the first impulse is to buy products from competitors.

One way to appear and show the vitality of one company is to participate in fairs and exhibitions or trade shows. For that a company needs to find the best trade show displays that can find on the market.

And if you are organizing a major event like a concert to promote your company you will need also display truss to use on the stage to your lights and performances shows.

Other low budget way of been seen is to have your logo displayed on logo floor mats, do you imagine the impact that this have on your clients? You have your own logo all over your company, instead of some grey and poor mats.

So, as you can see there is possible to have several ideas for your marketing strategy without spending an he budget, you just need to look for the exhibit booths from Camel Displays

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