segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2008

Jim Piccolo - Nouveau Riche CEO

I was looking for some new ways of improve my education and perhaps change career, and I have found Nouveau Riche University, a place where everybody can learn how to be a Real estate agent.

When looking for this University and for all their courses I was curious about the people who had put together all this.

And it seems that Nouveau Riche University it is the work of a visionary man, Jim Piccolo, a man with more than twenty years career and a large business experience.

Jim Piccolo Was the CEO of some large companies and has a solid reputation for creating very successful businesses. He has created and managed more than a dozen of very innovative companies like Nouveau Riche Corporation, The Real Market Experts Franchise Inc, Nouveau Riche Academy, iWizard Holding Corporation, Piccolo Global L.L.C., National Credit Advisors Inc., and Nationwide Investors Mortgage Corporation.

Now Jim Piccolo is the CEO of Nouveau Riche University, but is also a philanthropist supporting Children Charities, with is helping children developing their sports abilities and being involved in a great deal of activities they will not be dominated by negative influences. But this is not the only organization that Jim Piccolo supports, he also supports The solid Rock Foundation, Judi’s House, Project Water Purifiers to Africa among other.

So, you see this man, Jim Piccolo can be a role model for everybody that are concerned with the current problems of the world.