segunda-feira, 14 de julho de 2008

Identity Theft promotion codes

I want to keep talking about Identity Theft, I have seen the site where Lifelock has the quiz to know if we are at risk or if there is easy to be a victim.

Let’s see some of the questions that one has to answer to know if one could be a potential victim or not:

First, do you shred or burn all the documents unused like bank statements, utility bills or other documents with personal informations?

If you answer No, be careful!

When you go out for a travel in holydays where do you leave your mail, with someone that you trust or held by US postal services, or you don’t do anything of that?

Do you have a locked mailbox or PO box, that do not allow other people to see your data?

If your mailbox can be opened, be careful!

Does your outgoing mail is left at an unsecured mailbox that everybody can see?

These are only some of the questions, but you need to go to the site to answer the complete quiz.

And if you want to be protected by Life Lock, go to this page with a Life lock promotion code and register to be a client, become protected by!

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