quinta-feira, 10 de julho de 2008

Life Lock

I have been talking about Identity theft and all the dangers connected to this crime, the damages that Identity Theft can do to your honour, reputation and good name!

As you already now Lifelock is an online company that help prevent Identity Theft, or can help to control the damages caused by the Identity robbers.

Now you know that Lifelock, is a company specialized at the prevention of Identity theft, and they do that by contacting credit companies, and screening all the major credit card companies in order to know if there are unautorized use of your name asking for credit of asking for a new credit card.

And if, for some reason, they are unable to prevent an attack to your identity and someone steal your identity and use it ofr commit any fraud, they guarantee damage control until $1.000.000 (one million American dollars), they have now a Life Lock promotion code for people who are concerned with this crime, and want to be protected by against this crime!

If you want protection with Lifelock, please visit Lifelock and read the reviews from satisfied customers and all the information that you need to be protected against Identity Theft!

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