segunda-feira, 30 de junho de 2008

Infinit Thecnologies

Today, hardware is becoming obsolete in a matter of a pair of months, and the big companies usual get rid off this material very soon.

But for the most part of people this so called obsolete material it is very good for working at home, even for small companies some of this hardware can be very useful.

I have found this company, Infinit Technology solutions, specialized in refurbished hardware like switches, routers and servers, firewalls and other telecommunications products.

At Infinit we can find great brands like 3Com, Cisco, HP, and Nortel, at the network section, or other brands like Dell, IBM and Compaq at the servers section.

And the most interesting is that these materials new or refurbish can came with a warranty up to five years.

For a small company, buying refurbish material can help developing the business without spending a lot of money.

So if you need to buy a Router or a server, or even new telephones for your business, you can visit Infinit Technologies and find out all the products that they have!

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