quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008


There are millions of people surfing the internet every day. People who surf at the work, for fun, or just browsing and seeing if there is good stuff who helps to turn life easy.

Well I am one of those who is always looking for resources at the internet who can make things better. And searching the internet I have seen a Spanish site with great tools who really can make life much easier, they have resources to webmasters with great articles with tips or teaching how to use web page language, they put together hundreds of fonts completely free to download that are ideal to designers and to webmasters.

These fonts can be used in almost everything, and they will help people having distinctive design to their web pages or their work.

And these fonts that the users can download completely free are for both PC users and for Mac users too. So if you are looking for different fonts to a astonishing presentation, or to a new web page, you can find it at this site, HBZ.

For people who like to surf anonymous or to people who do not want to live a track on the internet they have a proxy section, where you can find a list of hundreds of anonymous proxy servers that will help people staying anonymous on the net.

Go to hackingballz.com and check it, just remember that is a Spanish language site.

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