segunda-feira, 16 de junho de 2008

Digitail Trail Camera

Nature and wild life photos are now much easier to capture.

People who likes to take wild life photos have now a site where to find nem digital trail cameras, that can be used at night in an independent way, without an operator.

These cameras detect movement and shoot the subject, it works like a trap, but its only a camera trap, its perfect for a photo safari, the hunter is peaceful and the only shots are the camera shots.

For deer hunting, there are special deer cameras, just identify the trail, place your camera and wait, the camera will shoot alone, when a deer pass.

Who wants to see photo samples please click here, some of the pictures are night shots take with infrared, but you can use standard flash cameras too.

At the wild life photographers can find a large set of cameras, please visit the site and see for yourself.

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