segunda-feira, 16 de junho de 2008

Costa Rica directory

I never have travel to Costa Rica, but I have some friends that already have been there, they said that its a very lovelly country and with lots of things to do and to see.

They said too, that its a good place to start a business, or to have a business, specially if connected to tourism.

But to conduct business at Costa Rica, we need to have contacts, and the best place to find it its a Costa Rica's Leading directory. They also provide with several services like SMS text message services or a service of sending faxes to Costa Rica.

If you need a taxi or a flower shop, you just have to search at this directory, they put together all the services and businesses at Costa Rica.

Going to Costa Rica, in tourism or in business gives you one motiv to check out and try to find everything that you need.

They list all kind of activities, from hotels, to doctors, schools to car rentals, and even spare parts, and if you need a consultant, check the directory, ist fast and easy. And dont forget to bookmark the page to have all the contacts real close to you, just one click away.

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