segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2007


This weekend I was out of Lisbon, I have gone to Ericeira a small fishing village about 42 kilometers from Lisbon with very nice sea food and fish restaurants.
Some of the restaurants that I recomend at Ericeira are:
Mar da Areia for fresh grilled fish.
Tic Tac for good beef meals and with a good wine cellar.
Mar à Vista for sea food the same as Marisqueira César.
Toca do Caboz for good home type meals
These are in my opinion the best restaurants at Ericeira.

Then Saturday I was at Azenhas do Mar another small traditional village near Sintra.
I have eat on a restaurant that I didn't knew, Adega das Azenhas, it is a place to explore in the future, it has fresh fish and a some good beef dishes.

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