quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2007


Yesterday I have seen a great film on DVD, Indian with Anthony Hopkins.

This film tell's the history of an New Zeland man, Burt Munro, who has a dream of running is bike, an 1920 old Indian, modified by him, on a Bonneville, a Salt Lake in Utah.

He had this dream for more than 25 years, and he prepared is motorbike manually from several years.

When he was diagnosed with angina, a heart problem, he toke on all of his money, he mortgage his property and left to United States to run one in a life time on this speed competition.

The film show's the trip of a man throught America of the 60, and the close incounters that Burt Munro has with several of America's caracthers, from a transvesti in Los Angeles, or a used car salesman, some people in a dinner in the middle of nowhere, or a GI returned home from Nam's war, or also a lonelly woman, and an Indian.

When he arrive's to Bonneville he had to do everithing to run, because he didn't know that he applications to run had closed one month before.

It is a film very nice to see, with a great performance by Anthony Hopkins.

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