quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2007

Pizza Hut

Today I went to a Pizza Hut restaurant in Lisbon, at Amoreiras Shopping Center, and I should realized at the very beginning that the things should get ugly.

First the floor was sticky, and we had some trouble walking around the restaurant with the shoes almost glued to the floor.

But the biggest problems came with the meal, the first Pizza it burned at the oven, it toke so long to take it that they had to replace it, it was a dark Pizza.

When we think that everything will be OK we had to wait more than 20 minutes for the second Pizza, and you know, the Pizza came to the table almost raw.

Last but not the least we have ordered another draft beer, the employee asked then if I wanted the second beer in the same glass or if I wanted another.

Today it was my last visit to a Pizza Hut restaurant!

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