segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2009

Water is one of the most import issues nowadays, we need to save water and to store all the drops that follow from the sky.

Rain water is one of the best and pure ways to water the house plants and the best of all it is free you just need one recipient to store this free resource.

Rain water barrels are perfect for this task and there several types of barrels that you can use.

You can choose the perfect rain barrel to your place, in terracotta or plastic with different shapes that fit to your garden style they can imitate wooden barrels or a terracotta pot with flowers, bay perfect to recollect the rain water.

And there are also a lot of accessories to conduct the water from your porch and help you to do the rain harvest easily. I know that with the proper rain barrel and accessories you will save a lot of money watering your garden or your plants.

With this we are also helping to keep a green environment and saving potable water for the domestic use!

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