sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2009


Clothes and accessories are very important in fashion, and women are always looking for the most exclusive items that can make the difference between a good and a bad outfit.

And some of the most important accessories in fashion are jewels, a good choice can take a women to be the center of the attention in a special occasion.

But talking about special occasions it is important for a boyfriend or a husband to know that their love ones dreams are some times very easy to fulfil. From ages to now one of the most recurrent women dream is to possess pearls.

A successful gift to a woman is for sure a Pearl necklace, and to be perfect it must be made with akoya pearls.

These salt water pearls will give an image of pure elegance and class to the women who will use them.

Akoya Pearls are the most exclusive and luxurious culture pearls and follow the most strict and hard standards, in order to fill the dreams of every woman who has the luck to use a jewel, necklace or earrings made with these beautiful pearls.

And for the most exclusive people there is a choice between white and black pearls, all of them perfect for compose a special look for a special occasion.

You also must know that there are two types of Akoya pearls, the ones that are a good investment, the Japanese Akoya pearls, and the most affordable for a most regular use, the Chinese Akoya pearls.

If you choose the hanadama pearls you can be sure that you are choosing the top quality Japanese akoya pearls in the world, the best and beautiful pearls!

Just for your knowledge, a good Japanese Akoya pearl has a value that can be 70% higher than the Chinese akoya pearls.

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