quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2009

Scents and perfumes

I use a wonderful perfume from Issey Myake, it is very fresh and with a great scent. I use it from many years because I think that perfume and a specific scent make part of the people’s personality.

Issey Myake perfumes have one special characteristic they don’t have a time definition or an age profile, they can be used by men of any age, and can be used at every occasions.

Sometimes people think that there are scents for special occasions, a perfume for the day to day use, cannot be used at a night event. Well, this is true for some scents, the ones heavy with wooden aroma, that can be very heavy for the daily use, however Issey Myake can be used day and night, and they have a complete line of products, with a special scent!


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