sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2009

Personalized gifts

It is usual to see people carry coffee cups in the morning while going to work. And it is normal when arriving to the office to put your coffee cup on your desk along with other from your colleagues.

Sometimes when you will go back to your coffee cup, you look and don’t know the one that belongs to you.

Having a personalized coffee sleeve can obvious be a way to have a distinctive mark on your coffee cup and never again drink the coffee from your colleague’s cup.

The same can happen with your children when going to the kindergarten with their very own personalized sippy-cups with beautiful colours and your kid’s name printed in it.

And don’t forget to start collecting memories for your kid future by keeping an update school memory book, in the future your children will than you and will have good memories to share!

At you can find these and many more personalized items and gifts!

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