quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

After the problems with Banks and Insurance companies that drive the financial world to the crisis that we are still living families and singulars started to have their credit scores much seen in a much tighter way.

Much part of people doesn’t know what is a credit score! Well credit score is a statistical tool used by banks in order to calculate the possibilities of an individual, family or company to pay every month the loans that they have.

We can consider that the credit score, can be also known and based in the credit information of the consumers.

If people want to apply for credit or for a loan, the financial companies will analyse the credit score prior to approve the financial transaction.

Of course there are ways to improve the credit score like the debt consolidation, negotiation of credit card bills or at least avoid to fail the payment of the small bills.

If you want to apply to a new loan you must know everything about your Credit Score!

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