sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2009

Ipod Touch, to hear music anywhere

Music makes part of my life since I can remember me. Now I use to hear music in the car or when I am working on my computer.

One of the gadgets that made my life happier is the IPOD Touch, I started to stuff my music in it and now I use to hear music anywhere.

My IPOD is the one with 16 GB of mass storage, the model IPOD 16 GB Touch and for now it is enough for the volume of music that I have.

But I am already thinking on another IPOD model, the 32 GB Touch. Can you imagine? 32 GB of mass storage to fill with music for all the occasions. Classical, orchestras, opera, rock, pop music, reggae, all the good themes from different styles.

I can save my Queen Cd’s like a Night at the Opera, one of the best records ever made, or Meat Loaf, and Pink Floyd, all that music that I can take with me anywhere!
And there are also a great number of accessories to the IPOD, columns and several other gadgets, Apple IPOD Touch for me is one of the best gadgets ever invented!

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