segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008

Recruitment Juice

Searching on the Internet, I have found a site with a product very important to human resources departments of for human resources recruiters.

At this site they have a collection of DVD’s which help to have a new and fresh approach to the recruitment training.

Recruitment Juice is composed by several modules starting with the first, dedicated to Attitude, than the second related with the preparation and planning for succeed, at the third one you will find information about opening calls with Impact, communication skills and Confidence is the theme of the fourth module, to learn how to eliminate Objections can be found at the fifth and finally the sixth module gives you the strategies for creating New Business and same value Juicy tips.

The target audience for this product is composed by Trainee recruiters, recruitment consultants and managers of companies, but also for everyone working on recruitment in high street agencies, recruitment consultancies and executive search firms.

Companies who have Recruitment Juice must schedule some learning lessons, with the all team of recruiters and having a module a day followed by some short discussions sessions with exercises to test how much the team as learned.

On the case of an individual, the module DVD’s can be watched alone and be discussed with their team managers so, they can evaluate the subject leaning.

The benefits of Recruitment Juice are mostly its freshness and brand new methodology, it is easy to follow, because its engaging and funny, and it is fully packed with strategies and techniques.

Recruitment Juice it is designed to boost the new business activity, to inspire and motivate, to improve the self confidence, and it will be easy to follow and implement in every company.

To get access to Recruitment Juice just go to and connect with the phone number on the page and after that you will receive a complete pack composed by six DVD’s, A workbook, a client survey report, Weekly training reminders and six implementation guides.

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