sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2008

Gentle Marketing and branding services

At Marketing there are a lot of buzz words that the most part of the common people doesn’t know what it means!

They know what a brand is, and for the most part of them, a brand is the name of the product that they buy every week to their home, or is the name of the car they drive to commute every day from home to work.

But they don’t know all the steps that a company, or firm had to perform to get there the finish product with the well known name that everybody recognizes.

The branding process can be performed inside the company by a department who knows How to brand the new product or service. But can also be conducted by a branding consultant, someone specialized only in the development of new brands, choosing the logos, the typeface of the name and the colours.

At Gentle marketing they have a great amount of information on branding services, with case studies on some firms that has established strong reputations for excellence.

With these case studies you can try to adapt the same kind of strategies to your company and company products and services.

And going to Gentle marketing web page will help you on your search to become an Expert on Branding services.

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